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We Provide Superior customer service and expert care. Whether you’re a small to medium sized business or home user, our IT Helpers will be with you every step of the way to ensure your IT does what it’s told, first time, every time.

Welcome To T1Stop IT Support Desk

As computers have become more popular and sophisticated, the job of keeping them running has been a major task. It is also true that computers and other gadgets have expanded beyond the realm of just the most tech-savvy. So computer support in today’s world is required by each and every other person. The dare is not to find help but to determine the right help. T1Stop’s staff size, wide Network, breadth and depth of technical expertise, and familiarity with enterprise IT allow Home Users and small businesses to avoid the pitfalls associated with excessive reliance on smaller service organizations or independent freelance consultants.

Our Managed IT Support Features:-

  • Expert’s Guidance

    Only the certified and highly-experienced technicians will offer the required help to the customers in need.

  • Workable Solutions

    The users can easily acquire the most practical solutions that are really helpful in real-time scenarios.

  • Instant Support

    Every single call received is provided instantaneous support service and there is no delay from our side.

  • Reasonable Solutions

    The solutions provided by the technical team are always budget-friendly and they can be easily afforded by the customers.

  • Exceptional services

    A consistent, systematic and quantifiable approach is maintained to provide turn key solutions that meet our customer needs within budgeted cost and rollout schedules.

  • Best Pricing

    At T1Stop we offer you the services at a better price than Free Lacer/Small support companies with the best of Technologies available and the timely support.


" We can help you with every aspect from the planning phase to maintenance."

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What Clients Say About Our Technical Support

We have had a splendid experience working with you guys. Your technicians have not only solved the problem we asked for but did it before time that is surely a rare sight for us. Also, thanks for guiding us for future tips, glad that we asked for help.